E-learning Samples

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Introduction to Change Management

A large firm planned to acquire a small startup and they needed to merge their  business processes, ideally with minimal disruption of day-to-day operations. 

This Storyline 360 module introduces new managers to the company's change management strategy and practices and provides them with a clear, step-wise approach for implementing procedural and organizational changes. This module is intended to be the first in a 9-part course.

Tools: Storyline 360, WellSaid Labs, Canva

Interactions: Scenario knowledge checks, graded quiz

Design document


Quick Start Guide: Sonora Sonicator & SymphonX Software

The field applications manager at a biotechnology instrument manufacturer received customer VOC that they would like to be able to continually access new instrument training a) as a reference document for troubleshooting, and b) for laboratory staff who missed the in-person training. 

This Rise 360 eLearning module introduces the company's instrument and the software used to operate it. 

Tools: Rise 360

Features: Links to contact customer support, knowledge checks, graded quiz

Design document

Job aid

NGS Sample Preparation Kit Customizer

Biotech Company launched a ground-breaking—but very complex—product, encompassing instruments, reagents, consumables, and automation, which must be optimized for each customer

This interactive tool helps the sales team work with their customers to tailor the product for each lab. The final result is a true win-win, as it minimizes both cost (good for business) and plastic waste (good for the planet). 

Tools: Storyline 360

Features: User answers as series of branching questions to customize their automated NGS sample prep kit.

Decision map

Introduction to Unity Editor 

Short video tutorial introducing Unity Editor's object and navigation controls.

Tools: Camtasia, Audiate, Unity

Features: User learns what Unity is and what it can be used for, as well as rudimentary Unity Editor skills to manipulate objects and perspective on the platform.

Making the Perfect PBJ

Short video tutorial for making one of America's favorite sandwiches: the PBJ.

Tool(s): Camtasia

Features: Scene transitions, zoom & pan camera movements

Mastering the Art of Making the Perfect PBJ

Short, animated video tutorial for making one of America's favorite sandwiches: the PBJ.

Tool(s): Vyond

Features: Scene transitions, animations, zoom & pan camera movements 

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Making Quiz

Post-training assessment to accompany How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich ILT module.

Tool(s): Storyline

Project plan

ILT presentation

Facilitator's guide

PBJ infographic