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With the launch of a ground-breaking—but complex—new product that required extensive customization for each client's laboratory automation and workflow needs, my small team needed a force multiplier to support its adoption. I discovered Instructional Design (ID) and immediately began adapting its principles and tools to solve this problem. I developed an interactive guide that walks clients through a series of choices to build their perfect kit, reducing both cost and plastic waste.

This project inspired me to transition to Instructional Design full-time. I use action mapping to investigate underlying performance issues and to determine the most efficient environmental or training solutions. I apply adult learning theory (ADDIE/SAM model) in an iterative, agile framework to design courses and develop them using tools like Articulate 360 (Rise and Storyline), Camtasia, and Vyond. Combining these new skills with a strong background in facilitation (ILT and vILT) and project management, I'm excited to build strategic training solutions to help your team adapt and thrive.